TwinRoo+ Infant Car Seat Frame Pushchair for Maxi Cosi/Cybex

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Life with two babies can seem overwhelming at times and we want to help make it a little easier. The TwinRoo+ is a frame stroller for two infant car seats that works a little differently than other twin frame strollers. It comes highly recommended from parents who have used it and many say it is a registry “must-have” for parents expecting twins.

What makes it so different? The TwinRoo+ allows babies to sit in the same or opposite direction in their infant car seats so you can give ultimate attention to both babies without the stroller handle or second car seat getting in your way. Car seat adapters install with a snap and have “click-in” functionality with your car seats. The adapters are sold separately and are brand specific.

The TwinRoo+ provides a stable and sturdy way to stroll with both babies. Full disclosure: The TwinRoo+ is not a featherweight because car seat manufacturers are making larger infant car seats designed to carry babies longer. To accommodate for this and to give your babies the safest ride, we’ve reinforced the TwinRoo+ to carry your babies with sufficient support.

The large parent tray holds up to four beverages and bottles and has enough room for keys or phone. The tray is positioned to be in reach while walking and even easier to use when sitting with your children. The storage basket is big enough for a large diaper bag, blankets, toys, and more! No need to take off the adapters when you fold the TwinRoo+. It folds easily and fits in most cars. We do, however, advise you to measure your trunk to see if it will fit in yours before you purchase.

The TwinRoo+ is compatible with Maxi-Cosi/CYBEX. Adapters are included. 


Technical Specs

  • Open dimensions: 105.41 x 66.04 x 106.68 cm (L x W x H)
  • Folded dimensions: 121.29 x 66.04 x 26.04 cm (L x W x H)
  • Stroller Weight: 11.07 kg
  • Max. Weight: 31.75 kg (15.88 kg each child)