Room2 Twin Nursery Center

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The Room² Twin Nursery Center is the perfect accessory for the Room² playard. This add-on product extends the life of the Room² with bassinet and changing table functionality. Suitable for one baby as well as twins and multiples, the Room² and Twin Nursery Center create a dynamic combination that will grow with the family from birth through toddler years.
The Twin Nursery Center is easy to install and features a large bassinet that is ready to hold twins or two babies up to 15 lbs each (30 lbs total.) A removable center divider zips into place to give each baby a separate napping area. Please discontinue use when babies start to lift themselves up.
The nursery center includes a changing table that supports a baby up to 25 lbs. The surface is removable and machine washable. When not in use, the changing table flips over the side of the playard.
The Room² is sold separately.


Technical Specs

  • Maximum child weight: Two babies 6.80 kg
  • Minimum child age: newborn
  • Open size: 95.25 cm
  • Bassinet size: 41.91 x 96.52 x 7.62 cm (W L H)
  • Depth bassinet:
  • With mattress: 34.29 cm Depth
  • With no mattress: 39.37 cm Depth