Qool Pushchair

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Families grow, children change, and finally there is a pram that can keep up.

You are a family and being together is everything. But it can also be overwhelming. Never compromise to make memories along with a pram that grows and changes in every way you need. With room for up to three children, the Qool is the stroller designed to grow like your family. Multitask and manage a herd - never outnumber it again.

Built to last, Qool can hold up to 49.90 kilograms and accommodate up to three children from newborns to toddlers. With optional extra seats, it's never more than you want and never less than you need - just get the accessories that fit your family. Whether you have twins or an open mind for the future, Qool will adapt and you'll never have to buy another stroller again.

Out-of-the-box, the Qool has four configurations and there are over 50 ways to customize the stroller with easy-to-use accessories (sold separately). The Qool grows from single to double to triple! No need to buy a new stroller, just add the front adapter and a second seat when you add a new baby to the family. Thee Bench Seat is ideal for older children! Our bassinets are stylish and functional and safe for babies weighing up to 9.07 kilograms. Be sure to use the front adapters to add the second seat.

The Qool has more weight capacity, so no broken wheels, no sharing and conquering. Keep the kids all in one place in a stroller that is sturdy enough to handle the load, with a capacity of 49.90 kg and 11.34 kg more in the storage basket. With tires strong enough for bumpy roads, the Qool wheels are sealed against dirt and debris, and thanks to the front suspension you'll experience a smooth ride for sleeping kids. You get a large, expandable sunroof with a large window where you can see your valuable cargo at all times.

Premium features include an imitation leather handlebar for a grip that won't slacken and will split over time, such as foam, and an adjustable telescopic handlebar: rain cover, pram rack, shopping bag, parent distributor and car seat adapter.


Qool Second Seat

Qool Bassinet

Qool Bench Seat

Qool Rain Cover

Qool Tote

Qool Tray

Qool Front Adapters

Technical Specs

  • Stroller Weight: 13.88 kg
  • Open dimensions: 101.50 x 62.99 x 102.01 cm (L x W x H)
  • Folded dimensions: 94.01 x 62.99 x 45.01 cm (L x W x H)
  • Min. child age:
    •   0 months+ with Bassinet/Car Seat Adapter
    •   6 months+ Qool Seat
    •   3 years+ Qool Bench Seat
    • Max. child weight:
      •   Bassinet – 9.07 kg
      •   Seat – 24.95 kg
      •   Bench Seat – 24.95 kg
      • Height Adjustable Handlebar: 99.06 - 106.68 cm
      • Basket Weight Capacity: 11.34 kg