Caboose Too Rear Seats

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Caboose Too Rear Seat

Transform your Caboose, Caboose Ultralight or Big Caboose's rear bench seat into a full-size seat with the addition of our Caboose Too Rear Seat.  

This accessory converts the bench seat of the Caboose pushchair to a full-size seat in minutes!  It installs easily onto the existing rear platform and pushchair frame.  The Caboose Too Seat reclines and includes a 5-point adjustable harness.  It accommodates a child with a minimum age of 6 months and max weight of 20kg.

The Caboose Too Seat is a perfect solution for families looking for a compact double or triple pushchair and for those with children close in age.  The Caboose Too Seat offers additional support and comfort for children still too young to use the bench seat and the standing platform of the Caboose. This configuration offers the flexibility to use the Caboose Too Seat until the older child reaches the point where they want to sit or stand on the back of the Caboose - when ‘independence’ kicks in and they are big enough to do so.

Available in various colors. 


Seat Minimum Age: 6+ months 
Seat Max Weight: 20kg