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In honor of UK inventor Bert Fairclough, we want to share the story of the stand-on tandem and how his brainchild forever changed the way families stroll. Bert passed away on January 29, 2016 and we pay tribute to him today.

In 1992, Mr. Fairclough, road engineer and loving grandfather, noticed that his grandson Mark felt too grown up to sit in a stroller with his little sister Sarah. While Mark wanted to walk some of the time, he was too young to walk all of the time. This caused struggles every time the family went out and Bert was determined to find a solution.

Bert was inspired with an idea of a stroller with an integrated stand-on platform so that Mark could stand and ride when he wanted, without his mom having to lift him in and out of the stroller.

After many long hours in his backyard shop, he had soon built his first prototype. Bert achieved the greatest stability by positioning the stand-on platform in front of the rear axle, but behind the front axle. Remarkably, he discovered that the more weight put on the stroller, the more stable it became.

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It wasn't long before Bert noticed they were having fun and looked forward to their outings, especially Mark. People were drawn to this unique stroller and curious about the clever design.

Bert began to see marketing possibilities as his daughter and the kids got attention everywhere they went. With nothing like Bert’s invention available in the market, he patented his unique design in America, Canada and countries across Europe.

The unique design of the tandem ensures that when a child stands on the stand-on platform, the weight is distributed over both the front and the rear axles. This award winning design offers profound stability which Bert wanted for his grandchildren’s safety.

The Joovy Caboose line of stand-on tandems is patterned after Bert’s original design to satisfy moms, dads and and kids. Parents love the convenience while older siblings get a boost of independence and feel like “big kids” because they can choose to sit or stand, face forward or backward.

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Today, Bert’s original design can be seen in the joovy line of Caboose stand-on-tandem strollers.

Joovy has marketed the Caboose Stand-On Tandem since 2005 and has expanded the line to include the Caboose Ultralight, Big Caboose and Caboose Varylight.

The stand-on tandem design Bert innovated for his grandson years ago is still serving families today and more popular than ever. The Caboose remains a favorite stroller choice for families across the globe, offering practical mobility with two children.

Joovy celebrates the life of Bert Fairclough, inventor of the stand-on tandem stroller!