Bassinet for Qool and Caboose S

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The classic bassinet silhouette offers a stylish look with great functionality. Babies who can’t sit up yet are snuggled up in this soft, flat space that’s perfect for naps and strolls.

The bassinet can be detached and used as a carrier, or use an adapter to snap it right into your Qool or Caboose S prams. The extendable UPF 50+ canopy and zippable cover gives baby a warm, safe haven from chilly winds and bright sun, while still giving you a peek at your sleeping bundle. 

Easy click-in installation

Soft and plush inside

Extendable canopy

Can be used as a carrier

Flame retardant chemical free

Compatible with Joovy Caboose S and Qool strollers

For babies up to 9.07 kg


Please note: You’ll need the Qool Front Adapters to use the Bassinet in the Front Position on the Qool stroller and the Bassinet Adapters to use them with the Caboose S.

Safety first: Don’t use the Joovy Bassinet when baby begins to roll over, push up on hands and knees, or has reached over 9.07 kg, whichever comes first.

Get the Qool Front Adapters Here

Get the Caboose S Bassinet Adapters Here